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Antonio DeAscanis
Antonio DeAscanisOwner/Coach
Owning and operating BlkOps has become more than a hobby. Even more than a business. It has become my family’s mission. As cliche as it sounds, we feel we can make a change in the world by serving others. One person at a time. “With greatness, comes responsibility.”
Kelly DeAscanis
Kelly DeAscanisOwner/Coach
Service has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl. As a wife, registered nurse, mother, and new business owner, I have found my happiness in helping others. “There is no exercise better for the heart than lifting others up.”
Brittany Lazear
Brittany LazearCoach
Being a lifelong athlete, fitness has always been an integral part of my life and has always been my passion. But helping others improve their lives and strive for excellence, is something I hold close to my heart. Coaching at BlkOps gives me the opportunity to not only do what I love but to motivate others to become the best versions of themselves. “Passion is what ignites our souls and pushes our limits.”
Darrell Wissemann
Darrell WissemannCoach
Curiosity is my fundamental drive. I seek to learn more about myself and the world in all my endeavors. Fitness is no exception. The veil of ignorance disappears when you’re in the bottom of a heavy squat. “Know thyself.”